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ZYPPAH snoring device

Zyppah anti-snoring device – Hybrid snoring mouthpiece

ZYPPAHSnoring is not only a problem for the snorer, but at some point, it can become annoying in the bedroom and even in the entire household. Zyppah snoring device is an effective snoring solution becomes essential to break-free of this problem and relieve everyone around you from sleep disturbances.

What is the ZYPPAH snoring device?

A revolutionary device from makers who claim that it can stop snoring in an instant, Zyppah Hybrid snoring mouthpiece has proven closest to a miracle to many of its customers. Snoring stops incredibly on the first night of use, and every night ! The Zyppah solution utilizes a patent-pending elastic band strap designed to comfortably stabilize the tongue, and a jaw disc, which addresses the mouth positioning of the jaw as well.

Stop snoring with 100% money back guarantee for 90 days!

How ZYPPAH  mouthpiece Works?

What causes snoring is the movement of your tongue in your mouth as you sleep. The tongue is a muscle that relaxes during sleep and once it does, it falls back in your mouth, hence blocking the airway and produces snoring. Typically, when you sleep on your back, the snoring gets worse as it produces an even louder noise since gravity pulls back the tongue further. Zyppah Hybrid oral appliance works through providing dual protection for both jaw and tongue. The Tongue Stabilizer feature supports your tongue, preventing it from falling into the back of your throat and gives way for the passage of air rather than the tongue blocking it while eliminating any gagging possibility. The Mouth Positioning feature advances your lower jaw to further open this airway.

Buy the Zyppah pink for $89.95 and $5.00 of your order goes to help support Susan G. Komen and defeat breast cancer!

Why choose ZYPPAH snoring device?

ZYPPAH If you wish to end your snoring problems for good, then Zyppah snoring device is definitely your best choice. It works safely and effectively through a unique process. It provides great comfort at an affordable cost. Not only do you and everyone else at home get a peaceful sleep they’ve always longed for, but with Zyppah, you get a better overall quality of life.

The Self-molding Process

Your purchase comes with comprehensive yet easy to follow instructions. You can achieve a personalized fit through the feature referred to as the “boil and bite”, simply implying what it means. Firstly, boil and have some hot water ready, dip your Zyppah anti-snoring device for around 45-60 seconds. Next is to take it out with a tong, wait around 20 seconds, then bite your mouthpiece to mold into your teeth, with the Z facing up. It’s very easy to tell with the Z logo on top and the words Zyppah upright on the lower jaw disc corresponding to your lower jaw. Hold it in for a minute, then you can simply dip it in cold water for another 20-30 seconds. Check if it fits well, then you can enjoy a relaxed and refreshing sleep!

Advantage of Zyppah anti-snoring device

-You will not feel any gagging issues unlike what you may experience with other devices.

-Have improved sleep and better quality of life.

-Achieve a happier relationship with your partner without the sleep disturbances.

-Increase intimacy in the bedroom by eliminating snoring annoyances.

-Zyppah allows you to achieve optimal health.

-Wake up fresh everyday.

-Getting a good night’s sleep makes you feel well-rested in the morning, and goes on throughout the day as you have a better mood are generally happier.

-Arrives at a reasonable price.


It may cause increased salivation and some tenderness in the mouth, which is given with any other snoring mouthpiece. With Zyppah, it is very slight and minimal that these concerns could easily be overlooked. Anyway, it stops in around 2-3days and from then on, you get a smooth sailing experience. It is recommended to be cleaned using denture tabs at least once a week, though your ZYPPAH snoring device can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Zyppah snoring device vs Competition

While Zyppah competitors may also be effective in making snoring go away, they simply do the task of moving your jaw forward. It definitely works when done right, since it is a fact that the sound goes away whenever you bring your jaw forward which allows the airway to reopen. Most of the Zyppah competition is composed of hard plastic, unless you opt for a more expensive model which would be more flexible since they can be customized for a better fit. There are various other snoring devices that may help stop snoring, however, the difference lies with ZYPPAH’s uniqueness as both features of not only moving the jaw forward, but working with the tongue as well, and bringing great comfort with a custom fit design, combined to produce one highly effective yet reasonably priced product- the ZYPPAH snoring device .


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