How to stop snoring at night

how to stop snoring at nightSnoring can be devastating to couples who sleep together and then one of them can’t really fall asleep because the other is snoring too loudly and every night. If you are snoring that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have some medical condition. However, some medical advice  might help you get rid of the snoring you have been facing or still face. This means that some things which are good for your health generally will also be good to overcome snoring.

So, generally speaking, how to get rid of snoring? A couple of basic and easy to follow tips are proven to be the most useful. Also, try not to forget that aging also induces snoring. It’s natural, it’s just like how we can’t see that well after years or develop hearing problems in time. This doesn’t mean that snoring is always due to the same factors or environmental causes. Snoring depends on a lot of things, other than habits. But as far as habits are concerned, this article will describe behavior and lifestyle changes to defeat snoring problems.

How to stop snoring naturally

Snoring is one of the most common sleeping problems and can be attributed to several reasons. While some people snore infrequently owing to nasal congestion, some are habitual. Other causes of snoring include enlarged tonsils, sleep apnea, breathing through mouth, smoking cigarettes as well as alcohol consumption. Whatever the reason, snoring is a deep rooted problem that can negatively impact your quality and quantity of your sleep. People snore once in a while, but if snoring happens regularly it can hamper a relationship as well. If you are wondering how to stop snoring, these tips should help you get a good night’s rest.

Change sleep position
Body position plays a crucial role during sleep and can make a difference. For snorers, this is a particular problem as numerous studies have found that people who sleep on their back are more likely to snore than those who sleep on their side. This is because if you are sleeping on your back, the base of your tongue will collapse to the back of your throat, obstructing breathing. So sleeping on your side is a simple trick to try if snoring is interfering with your sleep.

Lose weight

If you are obese and you snore a lot, then it is best that you shed off those extra pounds and eliminate your snoring problem completely. Excess weight is a common snoring trigger, as excess tissues in the back of the throat can stop air flowing smoothly during sleep, triggering that loud, unpleasant sound. If you did not snore before you added weight but you do now, then weight loss may be a solution for you.

Quit smoking

The probability of snoring increases significantly as more cigarettes are smoked in a day. This is because the congestion increases with every cigarette smoked. The smoke from cigarettes may cause inflammation along the airway tissues, leading to narrowing. As the airway narrows, airflow moves more turbulently, causing increased airway congestion. The turbulent airflow can lead to vibration as air passes through, triggering irritating sound of snoring.

Avoid alcohol

Snoring can also result from alcohol consumption. When you drink alcohol, your muscles relax during a normal night’s sleep. This relaxation makes the back of the throat collapse more readily, causing snoring. In addition, alcohol can trigger obstructive sleep apnea in snorers.

Sleeping pills

Sleeping pills might seem like a great solution to stop your snoring problem and get a good night’s sleep, but they can increase your risk of snoring because your passageway muscles are relaxed. Try to limit your use of these pills and you should find relief.

Avoid heavy meals

Large meals and fatty foods restrict the passing of air by pushing up the diaphragm, inducing snoring. Try to make dinner earlier in the evening, and avoid heavy, rich foods within two hours of bed as they take a lot of work for the stomach to digest.

Reduce caffeine intake

Many will be surprised to learn that caffeine can also induce snoring up to 10-12 hours after consuming it. As a stimulant, caffeine increases the activity of your body including faster breathing. This can hinder a restful sleep and make you prone to snoring. Try to avoid caffeine and caffeinated beverages within a few hours of going to bed.

Stop snoring using over the counter snoring remedies

Over-the-counter remedies can help relieve snoring that is not caused by such medical conditions as sleep apnea. When you visit a pharmacy you will see different types of snoring remedies on the shelf that you can purchase. These snoring remedies are supposed to be safe for use. If you are considering buying over the counter snoring remedies, be sure to exercise caution. While most of these remedies are safe, you need to shop from a reputable pharmacy.

Snoring mouthpiece

snoring mouthpieceA snoring mouthpiece is designed to prevent your jaw and the tongue from collapsing to the back of your the throat which hamper the air passage. These devices have been scientifically proven to reduce or stop snoring and also correct mild to moderate sleep apnea. Often when you purchase your mouthpiece, it is best that you go to the dentist to have it done.

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Snoring chin strap

snoring chin strap

A snoring chin strap is one among the most popular anti-snoring devices out there. This device works best for snorers that breathe through their mouth. If your mouth falls open when sleeping, it constricts the airway thus interferes with your normal breathing and triggers snoring. The anti-snoring chin strap shuts your mouth and thus stops snoring. The device is made of a fabric chin cup along with the adjustable straps to secure it over the top as well as the back of the head.

Stop snoring pillow

anti snoring pillowIf you are experiencing snoring owing to the way you sleep, then anti-snore pillows could be a big help. These pillows are quite different from the normal ones and thus the way they are designed is different too. While they aid your head, they keep your neck in the perfect position and help your air passage as well as nasal passages. When you use these pillows, you are really helping to move your chin away from your chest, creating a less noisy breathing pattern when sleeping. This happens because your airways are more open.

Medical solutions

Medicine can also help prevent snoring if it is triggered by nasal congestion. Medicine opens the nasal passageway, allowing a smoother flow of air and reducing snoring. Decongestants and nasal corticosteroids are both effective in reducing nasal congestion.

Snoring surgery 

Surgery can be used to correct snoring problem. Surgery, however, is regarded as the last resort, when all other options have been tried to no avail. During the procedure, a Somnus “gun” device is placed into your mouth. An electrode fitted at the end of this device is inserted into the back of your mouth. Radiofrequency is used through the electrode to stiffen the soft palate. Most patients find this procedure to be comfortable. Realize that your snoring can worsen immediately after the procedure due to the swelling of the treated tissues. You will see improvement in 1-2 weeks.

Snoring doesn’t only affect you, it can also affect your sleeping partner and also everyone sleeping in your home. Often times, the result is that spouses sleep in different rooms. This is not a good state in a marriage, which it is so important to find a cure for your snoring problem. The above tips will help both you and your partner get a good night’s rest.